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Brand: Hertz


Ford Ranger Hertz Cento Pro Upgrade

Cento Pro Series Front and Rear Speaker System with HCP 5 Channel Amplifier 

Suitable for Ford Ranger PXII / PX III


The Hertzaudio Cento Pro CPK 165 PRO car audio system includes the CP 165woofer and the CP 25 tweeter with Tetolon dome and 25 mm voice coil, features ensuring a very wide and linear frequency response. The CP 25 employs the “Center Tuning Duct” technology: the tunnel at the center of the powerful Neodymium magnetic circuit, ensures low-temperature air exchange between the dome and the rear loading chamber, perfectly tuning the acoustics. The resulting very low resonance frequency is also functional for the woofer crossover point, elevating the sound stage. The sophisticated design of the mobile group and suspensions of the CP 165 woofer, featuring a 60Hz calibrated resonance frequency, ensures a medium-low power with excellent punch, making listening to rich low frequency genres a unique experience. The basket is consistent with the family-feeling of the Mille line with the addition of damping and protective rubber. The cone material is inherited from the Mille Pro, as well as the suspension butyl rubber and the Tetolon fiber of the tweeter dome. These materials have excellent damping and lightness characteristics, producing a balanced sound without resonance peaks. The gift box includes the woofers grilles made of a combination of metallic mesh and high resistance ABS plastic frame. The combination of these two elements allows the user to customize the installation with a sophisticated and elegant design. 

CPX 165 (6.5") Coaxials 

The CPX 165 car audiocoaxial provides the thrill of listening to the Hertz sound even when the vehicle does not allow the installation of a two-way kit. The Tetolon dome tweeter and Neodymium magnet is provided with off-axis dispersion features and exceptional frequency extension for a detailed, airy sound. Radial Venting System technology ensures unparalleled cooling of the coil thanks to the eight holes at the base of the engine that allow air exchange with the tweeter support. This acts as a rear camera, sized for low Fs, to ensure a natural mid range and allow a low frequency crossover point with the woofer. The pressed-paper cone and the butyl rubber suspension offer an extended low frequency response and an impressive punch. The Mille-inspired design basket features a dampened and protective rubber coated magnet. The grille, available as optional, is made up of a durable high resistance ABS frame and metallic mesh protection.

HCP 5DCh: 5 - 3 | 1500 W

HCP 5D is a front + rear + sub complete car audio amplifier with five very powerful  D class channels. It features a wide range of inputs to obtain the best configuration with every car audio source. HCP 5 D is suitable in a five channels system with subwoofer, in a three channel front + sub system using the front and rear built-in filters that include also a bass boost circuit and a subsonic filter. All the Hertz Compact Power amplifiers are assembled with high-quality components and feature a complete and by-passable crossover system. The dissipation system is optimized with the heat being transferred to the heat sink and then dissipated through the sides of the amplifier. Besides, using the HRC accessory (Hertz Remote Control), the subwoofer volume can be remote controlled with extreme preciseness.

Output Power (RMS) @ 14.4 VDC, THD 1%:
5 Ch: 55 W x 4 + 160 W x 1 (4 Ω)
5 Ch: 90 W x 4 + 280 W x 1 (2 Ω)
3 Ch: 180 W x 2 (4 Ω) + 160 W x 1 (4 Ω)
3 Ch: 180 W x 2 (4 Ω) + 280 W x 1 (2 Ω)


The pack components will up to 1200W and includes everything needed to install your appropriate amplifier into a vehicle.


  • 6m 4 gauge frosted red TCCA power cable fitted with Ni plated midi (AFC) fuse holder and 80 amp midi (AFC) fuse with 4 gauge fork and ring terminals
  • 1m 4 gauge frosted brown TCCA power cable and 4 gauge fork and ring terminal
  • 6m 20 gauge blue trigger cable
  • 1.5m 11mm diameter split loom tube
  • 10 x 150mm long cable ties
  • Supplied with allen key
  • Packaging: Heat sealed blister and card with hang hole

APS277 6.5" Speaker spacers to suit Ford ranger front doors & rear doors


The Aerpro APS277 Speaker Spacers are designed to suit Ford Ranger PX2/3 (2015-2021) front doors and Mazda BT-50 (2016-2020) front or rear doors. Supplied as a pair, the speaker spacers allow 6.5" (165mm) aftermarket speakers to be installed into the vehicle with ease. They mount to the existing speaker location in the vehicle and fit behind the door trims without any modifications.

Important Information:

  • Speaker Spacers can vary between vehicle models, please use the Aerpro What Fits Your Car Guide to find the correct parts.
  • Check the speaker location in the vehicle before installation/purchase to ensure this product will suit your application.
  • Designed to suit Ford Ranger PX2/3 (2015-2021) front door installation (left and right)
  • Designed to suit Mazda BT-50 (2016-2020) front or rear door installation (left and right)
  • Suitable for 6.5" (165mm) aftermarket speaker installation
  • Enables factory vehicle speakers to be upgraded to aftermarket speakers with ease
  • Designed specifically to suit the vehicle, no door modifications required
  • Factory vehicle interior remains intact, keeping the original look and feel of the vehicle
  • Sold in pairs, left and right

APS21 Speaker plug adaptors to suit Ford  - various models

The Aerpro APS21 Speaker Plug Adaptors suit various Ford and Mazda vehicles, converting the original speaker plugs into standard size aftermarket speaker terminals. The plug and play design enables speakers to be installed into the vehicle without the need to cut the original vehicle wiring loom, resulting in a simple yet professional installation that can be reversed at any time. The 4 pin plug is wired for coaxial aftermarket speakers and can also be cut for installing aftermarket component (splits) speakers.