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Brand: Hertz


Ford Ranger Hertz Cento Upgrade

Cento Series Front and Rear Speaker System Suitable for Ford Ranger PXII / PX III

CK 165 (6.5") Components

Two-way systems Cento CK 165 features the new C 26 tweeter featuring a 26 mm (1 in.) Tetolon® dome and 20 mm (0.8 in.) voice coil for a detailed and natural reproduction of medium-high frequencies. The R&D team worked extensively to optimize the C 26 dispersion characteristics to maximize performance on the listening point, with a natural and progressive roll-off and a natural timbre that favors frequency linearity. Much time was invested in the research of the perfect material for the C 165 woofer cones: through a long process of customization of the materials SPP-M was selected (Semi Pressed Paper-Mica), which preserves the natural sound of the semi-pressed paper and enhances it with Mica powder improving rigidity.

The result is an excellent balance between lightness and damping, essential for a powerful and controlled emission. The oversized ferrite magnet provides excellent control even at higher excursionsThe ultra compact CCX 2 crossover featuring tweeter emission level control (0, +3 dB) uses selected components for a full and engaging soundThe CG 165 grilles included in the Cento systems brighten up the car interior with their sophisticated design. Made of high resistance ABS with metal mesh, they offer a high degree of protection within a compact size, ideal for in-car installation.

CX 165 (6.5") Coaxials 

Coaxial loudspeakers represent a major design challenge due to the critical nature of their acoustic output, being installed in an OEM placement often unfavorable to reproduction. For this reason, in order to achieve high performance, a great engineering effort was put into place, promptly addressed by our R&D team. The Cento two-way coaxials CX 165 features the new 24 mm (0.9 in.) Tetolon® dome tweeter that delivers a more musical and detailed sound compared to the more traditional plastic materials. The dispersion has been optimized for off-axis listening. The  SPP-M cone (Semi Pressed Paper-Mica) ensuring superior acoustic and damping characteristics. 

APS277 6.5" Speaker spacers to suit Ford ranger front doors & rear doors


The Aerpro APS277 Speaker Spacers are designed to suit Ford Ranger PX2/3 (2015-2021) front doors and Mazda BT-50 (2016-2020) front or rear doors. Supplied as a pair, the speaker spacers allow 6.5" (165mm) aftermarket speakers to be installed into the vehicle with ease. They mount to the existing speaker location in the vehicle and fit behind the door trims without any modifications.

Important Information:

  • Speaker Spacers can vary between vehicle models, please use the Aerpro What Fits Your Car Guide to find the correct parts.
  • Check the speaker location in the vehicle before installation/purchase to ensure this product will suit your application.
  • Designed to suit Ford Ranger PX2/3 (2015-2021) front door installation (left and right)
  • Designed to suit Mazda BT-50 (2016-2020) front or rear door installation (left and right)
  • Suitable for 6.5" (165mm) aftermarket speaker installation
  • Enables factory vehicle speakers to be upgraded to aftermarket speakers with ease
  • Designed specifically to suit the vehicle, no door modifications required
  • Factory vehicle interior remains intact, keeping the original look and feel of the vehicle
  • Sold in pairs, left and right

APS21 Speaker plug adaptors to suit Ford  - various models

The Aerpro APS21 Speaker Plug Adaptors suit various Ford and Mazda vehicles, converting the original speaker plugs into standard size aftermarket speaker terminals. The plug and play design enables speakers to be installed into the vehicle without the need to cut the original vehicle wiring loom, resulting in a simple yet professional installation that can be reversed at any time. The 4 pin plug is wired for coaxial aftermarket speakers and can also be cut for installing aftermarket component (splits) speakers.