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PAC Audio Passive 4 Channel Line Out Converter

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Collection: Audio Parts

Sku: PACLP7-4


General Product Information

The PAC Audio LocPRO Series converters were designed from the ground up to offer more flexibility and improved performance.
Unlike standard passive line out converters, the PAC Audio LocPRO 7 features surface mount hardware with transistors.

What does this mean in the real world?
This gives you the flexibility of a high-quality Line out converter that can be used for many different applications.
With the PACLP7-4’s RCA Input or Output with Speaker Level Input or Output feature, here are some unique applications.

Retain OEM Amplifier (In Select Vehicles)
Add RCA Output from OEM Radio (In Select Vehicles)
Level Match / Attenuate RCA Output Audio
Level Match /Attenuate Speaker Level Audio

With its high-quality casing, small footprint design and removable harness, the PAC Audio LocPRO series of converters make installation easier with their cable tie tabs on each side.

Unlike basic passive line out converters and onboard high-level inputs found on mainstream amplifiers, the PAC LocPRO 7 Series handle up to 55 watts per channel from most factory radios.
Every PAC LocPRO 7 interface includes “Auto Turn on” remote output feature. Simply supply the interface with constant power and earth and your aftermarket amplifier or *OEM amplifier can be triggered to turn on with a music source like factory.

* In Select Vehicles

Want to know more about the different line out converters? check out our knowledge centre article here! 

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Important Product Compatibility Information
Plug & Play


Remote Turn On Feature


High level Input Voltage

55w RMS Per Channel

High Level Input Channels

4 Channel Stereo Input

RCA Pre-Outs

4 Channel Stereo